Meet Valerie

Meet Valerie

Valerie’s interest in training and proper nutrition began several years ago when she was tired of feeling the adverse effects of the medication she had been prescribed for hypothyroidism. After learning all she could about how to treat her ailment with diet and consulting with a naturopath, Valerie weaned herself off her medication and set about healing herself from the inside out. Through this process, Valerie learned first-hand the amazing benefits of traditional diets and strength training. Valerie has been off her medication since early 2009 and continues to be in perfect health. 

To return herself to a state of true health, Valerie began strength training at STG Strength and Power, using a training program developed by its owner, Michael Petrella. Every week, Valerie became stronger and stronger. She soon surpassed all of the goals she originally set for herself. She felt challenged to learn more about what she was doing in the gym and began reading the works of Arthur Jones, Dr. Ellington Darden, Randy Roach and Brian Johnson, to name a few. The next step for Valerie was to obtain a High Intensity Trainer certification from the Sports Performance And Resistance Training Association (S.P.A.R.T.A.). Valerie began training family members and friends and, when demand for her services grew, she opened Feminine Physique By Valerie to bring her knowledge to a greater clientele.  

Since meeting and surpassing all of her original training goals, Valerie joined the STG Strength and Power Powerlifting Team to motivate her to continue getting stronger. In September 2011, a short 9 months since starting squatting and benching, Valerie competed in the 100% Raw Powerlifting’s Eastern Canadian National Championships. At this competition, Valerie not only won her age/weight category, but also set 5 World Records and 12 National Records for this organization!

With her interest and first-hand experience with the amazing impacts of proper diet, Valerie established and is the Chapter Leader for the Weston A. Price Foundation® Brantford/Brant County Chapter. The WAPF™ endeavours to educate the public on traditional diets and debunk nutritional misinformation that we are bombarded with today. Through the WAPF™, Valerie met Kevin Brown, co-author of The Liberation Diet. Valerie is a certified Nutritional and Wellness Coach with Liberation Wellness.

Valerie’s passion for training and nutrition is what she strives to share with each of her clients to enable and empower them to improve their own lives!

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